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Top 13 Free Windows Applications

permalink | comment(0) 21. November 2018 greg

I have been in the software world for a long time and I am constantly (CONSTANTLY) looking for good applications that are free and effective.  Here is my list of the applications I have found over the years that are GREAT at what they do, Free and open source.  Most of these you probably know about, some of them maybe not, but give a try.

  1. Office application: Libre Office.
    - Works with all Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.)

  2. Browser: Vivaldi
    - Uses the same rendering engine as Chrome – but without all the creepy google tracking.

  3. Music listening application: VLC
    Plays everything.

  4. Password Keeper: Keepass
    - Gives you 100% control of your passwords.  Nothing up on someone else’s cloud.  Although you can set it up to be stored up on the cloud if YOU want, but otherwise its all local and under your control.

  5. Zip (archive) manager: 7-zip
    - does everything just the way you want it.

  6. Image editor:  (Paint Dot Net)

  7. Video Editor: OpenShot

  8. 3d Editor: Blender  (wish I had time to work in this)
    - also video editing

  9. Audio Track Editor: Audacity
    - This app has been around for a long time and has steadily been improved.

  10. Notepad replacement: Notepad++
    Just about the most useful tool on the list.

  11. Command line (enhancement) tool enhancer ConEmu
    - taking a bit of time to set this up and it is awesome.

  12. Developer environment: Visual Studio Code
    - by Microsoft but free and awesome.

  13. Video transcoder (video file format converter): HandBrake

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