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The most beautiful sequence of skiing and riding I’ve ever seen put to film.

...more like youre feeling it than watching it!

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The does not look like it will suck in any way shape or form.

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Check out all these pictures:

I can’t get how wide the beam is on these boats.  They truly look like 70 foo Lazers.

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SpaceX is still focused on going to Mars.  Which is, what we call in the tech world, a BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal).  It aligns the company, provides focus and lets all the intermediate goals seem more achievable.  So little things like upping launch cycles to 10-12 a month, or making a re-usable rocket-landible rocket stage, or creating a world wide satelite driven internet – seem small and doable.

But still…they’re planning on going.

“When we talked about Mars before, people thought we were certifiable,” Shotwell said. “Now, people kind of groove on it and they like to hear about it.”

…also in the comments I found this really cool chart on the Delta V (amount of rocket force/propellant) needed to get to the major moons and planets in the Solar System.



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It pulls the text into a reading window that flashes each word in one place.  Thereby removing the need for your eyes to scan a line.  It is incredibly intuitive and immediadely faster.  Imagine this on your smartphone!  Or iWatch, jeez!

Give it a shot.

It’s insanely cool!

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