Eight months.  That’s how long I gave it…

I tried I really did.  I remapped keys, I downloaded applications to help.  But in the end there is just too much missing from the Mac for me to be productive.

The tipping point is I changed roles at work which will require me to be more technical and perhaps even touch code again and I just really didn’t want to have to set up a dev environment in Parallels in a Mac.  It sounded like a problem wrapped in a conundrum sealed in a riddle.

In the end it had become a chore to use the operating system.  Everything is slower and harder.  Nothing is as easy and quick. 

Even the keyboard on this new Lenovo T-450s is better.

Sorry Apple – I tried, I really did.  I _liked_ it, but no…just no.

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DId you hate the Hobbit Movies?  Did you regret the stain they left in your brain?  Did you wish that there was a Hobbit story just about Bilbo? A Hobbit movie that was true to the book?  If so then here is the download for you.  Read On

How many of you out there thought, when you heard Peter Jackson was going to make the Hobbit into a movie, "God I hope he doesn't make it a mulit-movie battle fest of CGI monsters and lots of battle scenes."  But in your heart of hearts you knew it was what would happen (Because Peter Jackson can't help himself).  And then when it came out in its 9+ hours of runtime with pointless pointless hours of useless battle scenes and derivative or made up plot lines and stupid cross-race love stories that would never happen in real life ...er...middle earth.


What a wasted opportunity.

Well your depression has been alleviated, your anger mollified, your dreams come true...well not completely but a much better version of the Hobbit has been made from the disaster of the three Peter Jackson movies.

The Hobbit: the Tolkien Edit.

This is an edit done by a fan that pulls out all the crap from the movies and makes it watchable.  It focuses on the protagonist, Bilbo, and removes almost ALL of the other plotlines and more importantly screen time to those plotlines.  Gone is Radagast (thank god), gone is ALL of the Sauron-Galadriel-Sarumun-Elrond-Gandalf-white-council scenes, gone is almost all the pointless battles (no Orc chase towards Rivendell, the Goblin halls under the Misty Mountains are cut to the appropriate book-like length of "half a page" of fighting, gone is the battle scene after the elvin halls with Legelos and all that).  Gone also is the stupid love triangle between Legelos-Kili and that Elf chick.

What's left is a story that follows Bilbo.  You suddenly realize that HIS story is mostly completely there, it was just obscured under so much crap that you lost it.  Even my wife likes this movie now...WOW!

Kept is the great opening sequences with the dwarves.  Kept is the great Golumn-Bilbo riddle scene.  And the Elvin Halls sequence now feels almost in line with the book.  

So do yourself a favor.  Go and thank the guy over at "The Hobbit: the Tolkien Edit" and then get the torrent and get the movie.  It is the ONLY way to truly enjoy that film.

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Are your movies not working with PLEX and ROKU? Is there a buffer problem with your PLEX and ROKU?  Do you get LOADING constantly with your PLEX and ROKU?  Well read on, here's the fix.

I just installed PLEX (why it took me so long is another story) and I tried to watch the most excellent "Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit" and it would constantly be buffering and trying to load.  NON-STOP.

Very disappointed was Greg.

Some searching around with Uncle Bing, wherein people kept asking BASIC questions around "do you have enough ram?", "Do you have minimum system reqs?" ... but in this thread on REDDIT I found the answer.

Two Parts:

1. On you PLEX server on your computer change the transcoder settings to "Make my CPU hurt".  See below:

2. On your ROKU disable DIRECT PLAY for Video.  See below:

And that should do it.  Worked great for me anyways.

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