You live in the future.  You know that right?

In 1997 when I worked for Western Peterbilt I took a tour of the PACCAR technical test facility.  They had this awesome 3d printing machine that cost them Tens if not Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now.  Today.  You can buy one for your home for a grand!




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I dreamed I rolled my Porsche.  It was horrible.  I was driving down a hill and at the bottom was a right hand turn with an off camber lean to it.  It tilted once, I corrected, but then it tilted again and went over.  it was crushed. 

I remember asking myself – in my dream – if this was a dream and I told myself that no it was not which made the dream worse.  It really sucked.


Then I woke up and realized that it actually was a dream…which was awesome!

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LIke I was saying in a previous post, my book of the year for 2014 was “Leviathan Wakes” the first book in the Expanse series.  [linky

Well now here comes the TV series.  I hope it lives up to my expectations and if it does…it’s gonna be awesome.

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So I was reading through the starting 11 and the Right Back position looks very very empty without DeAndre….

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Good reading year - 27 books which equates to 2+ books per month, not bad.

Of the ones I read there were some good candidates for Book of the Year.  A couple of classics: The Three Musketeers, Tale of Two Cities.  An interesting and fun book surrounding a Magician and the death of a US President (Carter Beats the Devil) and of course the regular mix of horror-western-fantasy-scifi that are my bread and butter.

But my book of the year clearly separated itself from the pack.  Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the Expanse series.  Great science fiction book with a appealing protagonist ne' Han Solo, ne' Mal from Firefly. Just a great book.  The story builds across the novels, first it is small and focused, then it enlarges and grows and grows until it becomes an eon spanning, pan-galaxy spanning, ultimate evil threatening, galactic cataclism potential story.  Pretty awesome!

The Expanse Series Website: here

OH YEAH!! Book #5 is coming out in June: Nemesis Games. Oh man I can't wait!

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I thought it most appropriate to kick this new home off with a little something like this:

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