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We all talk like Fusion power is a sparkly unicorn.  A dream to never be reached.  And that has been and probably is still true.

But what is different about this is now there is a company being formed around it.  One in which they are making a bet of success and betting money on it.  Money to the tune of $35 million.   

Helion Energy is trying to achieve commercial Magneto-Inertial Fusion

Say what you will about the old trope of Fusion power is only 20 years away (always 20 years away).  But when a business is starting up around it....well that's a unicorn of a different color.

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And in general I think Tarantino is an overrated director.  But THIS one I want to see.

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Too soon to start DREAMING?


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The entire world of electronic devices inserts batteries in the same way, the ends of the batteries are reversed + next to - on one side and - next to + on the other.

Except for Apple.